Transit Tales exhibition in Paris

On October 19th, we inaugurated the Transit Tales Paris exhibition at the ‘Center de Hebergement Paris-Ivry’.

More than 300 people have been temporarily living in this center, since its opening – less than a year ago – while they process their asylum demand in France. The Emmaus Solidarité organization manages the space and its professional workers are in charge of supporting the people who arrive – families, mostly – with different services whether legal, medical, kindergarten …


Gabrielle de Preval, the sociocultural coordinator of the organization, made a great link with Séverine Sajous, through the Transit Tales project, so that we could hold a participatory photography workshop to a group of 15 women last April 2017.

Today, six months after, 5 of those women continue in the center, the others have been transferred to other centers in Paris or France and only 2 of them have given them the refugee status, which allows them to be in France legally and thus start a new life

The exhibition : People residing in the center pass and observe the contents of the tarpaulins in which you can see the result of the logbooks of 12 of the 15 women who finished the workshop.

Pictures, texts, collages and drawings, stories that many of them share, fill four 2 x 3 meter tarps that can be seen on the walls of the center until October 31, 2017.

In addition to the change in the landscape that caused these four tarps, at 7 pm on Thursday, October 19 a team of people riding ‘something’ broke with the monotony of space.

The youngest were the first to notice it and began to leave curious about their rooms. At 8pm and even at 9pm that “something” became the concert that Elida Almeida group of Cap Vert with the collaboration of offered a much-delighted audience that did not stop dancing from the first to the last song of the repertoire.

Transit Tales, participatory photography with migrants and refugees, is an initiative of the CFD that arises from the need to question the image shown by people in a situation of asylum demand in Europe. Transit Tales is a project of the CFD, Jungleye, OST and Eyfa with the support of Erasmus +, City Refuge, Barcelona City Council and the collaboration of Emmaus Solidarité, the Red Cross, Acathi, the Immigrant space and Rupert-Neudeck-Haus.